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Ian Corrigan

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Ian Corrigan is a founding member of the Chameleon Club, an A.C.E. organizer, and has been a teacher, writer, singer and ritualist in the Pagan movement for over 25 years. Ian is a former Archdruid and Director of ADF, and is presently it's national Preceptor. A founding member and Elder of Stone Creed Grove, ADF's oldest congregation, he is author of four books on Celtic Paganism: The Portal Book: Teachings and Works of Celtic Witchcraft, The Book of the Dragon: A New Grimoire, Grammary: Charms and Incantations, and Druidheachd: Symbols and Rites of Druidry. One of the finest bards of the modern Pagan movement, Ian has been writing and performing songs of the British Isles and Neo-Paganism for over 25 years, and his music and poetry have delighted audiences at A.C.E. events, Society for Creative Anachronism events, and Pagan festivals across the U.S.A. and Canada. He combines his talents on guitar, drum, feadog (penny-whistle) and fine, rich vocals with those of his wife Liafal in the band Awen.

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