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Sikiru Adepoju comes from a musical family in Nigeria and while still in his teens joined the band of one of the pioneers of Afro-beat, Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey. In 1985, he came to America to play with O.J. Ekemode's Nigerian All-Stars. He became an integral part of Baba Olatunji's Drums of Passion, and through him met Mickey Hart. Since then Sikiru has frequently been a guest percussionist during Hart and Bill Kreutzmanns's Rhythm Devil segments of Grateful Dead concerts and with Planet Drum. He has collaborated with Muruga Booker and Olatunji on the CD Cosmic Rhythm Vibrations, and plays talking drum with Mickey Hart's group Bembe Orishas.

The Language of the Drums
Sikiru leads this workshop originally created by Babatunde Olatunji, teaching us how the drum is the center of African culture, as its sounds and rhythms communicate, stimulate, and pace the variety of activities of traditional life. In an exhilarating community atmosphere, we learn the consonants of the Yoruba language, and how to reproduce these sounds with drums and chants that accompany the sounds and rhythms. This workshop is appropriate for anyone at any level of drumming experience. Sikiru covers techniques for producing the proper tones of the drum, playing original and authentic rhythms, and learning the essential attitudes that will bring your drum to life. These lessons will expand the student's playing abilities on hand drums such as the Ashiko and Djembe, and on Sikiru's specialty, the talking drum.

Jay Atwood is a Berkeley College of Music Alumnus, professional keyboardist, composer, and all-around musical guy. Jay has been obsessed with the didgeridoo since he heard one at a Starwood bonfire six years ago. With great respect for its traditional Aboriginal owners, Jay plays in a contemporary style – incorporating diverse influences from Middle-Eastern rhythms to Trance/World fusion. More about Jay including sound clips: go.berkleemusic.com/jayatwood.

Beyond Circular Breathing
This workshop will pick up where Didgeridoo Basics left off – and will be geared towards the needs of the participants. We will continue to explore circular breathing, and focus on breath as the basis of rhythm. The facilitators will demonstrate advanced playing techniques and give individualized instruction. All are welcome.

Muruga Booker is a percussionist with an incredible list of credits, from jazz to rock, world beat to techno-rave. When he played with Tim Harden at Woodstock, he met Swami Satchidananda and began a three-decade quest in Sida/Kundalini Yoga, touring with Swami Muktananda and Ram Dass. He's played with Paul Winter Consort, at Carnegie Hall with the Brubeck Generation, and replaced Airto with Weather Report in '73. He's recorded several albums with George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars, and produced trance-drumming records with Prem Das. In the 90s, he was part of Merl Saunder's Rainforest Band, recording with Jerry Garcia, did a CD with Babatunde Olatunji and Sikiru called Cosmic Rhythm Vibrations, and leads The Global Village Ceremonial Band, featuring ex-Big Brother guitarist James Gurley.

Kundalini & Nada Yoga Workshop
Muruga will teach aspects of Kundulini and Nada yoga (the inner divine sound) and integrate hatha yoga stretching and breathing to achieve health and maximum relaxation for better drumming and musical expression. Kundulini is the inner conscious uncreated energy of creation and Nada is the sound of the energy. Muruga will lead people through tapping into their Kundulini and Nada energy and take it into trance drumming, breathing and chanting, creating a spontaneous Kundalini experience for health, creativity, and cosmic oneness of being. Some drums and percussion may be provided, BUT people should be encouraged to bring their own drums.

Incorporating World Beat into Western Music
From Weather Report, to the Paul Winter Consort, to Merl Saunders’ Rainforest Band, Muruga has been in the very forefront of the World Music Movement. Come join him as he shares his insights into the incorporation of the percussion of different world cultures into the modern music of the West, which increasingly features a fusion of the ancient and new in a rich multi-cultural musical environment.

Trap-Drums as a Tribal Instrument
In our rush to embrace the sounds of djembe, conga, bodhran and ashiko, let us not overlook the unique contribution of the Western drum kit to world percussion. No other configuration puts drums from the lowest bass to the highest treble beats, together with sizzling cymbals, gongs, bells & blocks, in reach of a single musician. This tribe of instruments can do anything from simulating a village of market drummers to acting as a sweet solo instrument.

Amerendra 'Badal' Roy Choudhury is the foremost exponent of tabla in jazz music today. He has played with not only Miles Davis and John McLaughlin, but also artists as diverse as Herbie Mann, Dave Liebman, Don Cherry, Pharaoh Sanders, Dizzy Gillespie, Lonnie Liston Smith, Andreas Vollenweider, and Yoko Ono. He's been an integral part of Ornette Coleman's Prime Time since 1988 and is presently collaborating with Brazil's Duofel, a guitar duo, and touring with the Global Village Ceremonial Band.

Tabla Workshop
The Tabla is an enormously versatile instrument which originated in India. The right hand drum is called Tabla, and the left hand drum is called Bayan. The Tabla is also a tunable instrument. To learn to play Tabla you have to learn the language of the right hand drum ( tin, tun, te ,ta and na etc), the language of the left hand drum (ga, ge, kat etc), and how to use both hands together (dha,dhin, dhe etc). You have to sing the language and play the language (sound). Badal will show how to play 4 beats, 6 beats and 7 beats etc.

Jim Donovan is a current and founding member of the multi-platinum band Rusted Root. He has released 2 ambient solo CDs as well as 4 instructional drumming CDs. His newest Cd is an electro-tribal-dance disc entitled Revelation #9². Fulfilling his desire to share the power of rhythm first hand to people, Jim has built an educational drumming workshop program that he teaches across the US at festivals, schools, universities and specialty venues. Recently, he released four companion CDs for these workshops, Rhythm and Drumming Workshop Easy, Vol. 1 and 2, Vol.3 These discs are simple, effective guides for people regardless of their experience to learn hand rhythms and develop their musical listening skills. An instructional DVD is in the works for release in late 2003. Jim is also a featured monthly columnist in Drum! Magazine.

Hand Drumming Rhythms
Jim's specialty is the absolute beginner/intermediate drummer. He takes the participants through a series of steps including playing technique, rhythmic ear training exercises, and traditional multi-cultural rhythms, as well as the full-on anything-goes drum circle jam at the end of the workshop. Jim's teaching style is non-intimidating and all-inclusive. The material he'll cover is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced players over the age of 12. The main focus of the workshop is to use elements of traditional hand drumming to get folks playing music together. While he uses elements of a community drum circle, his particular workshops go beyond the facilitated drum circle. Each workshop experience is molded around the participants' abilities.

Halim El-Dabh is a Professor Emeritus of African Ethno-Musicology from Kent State University. He is an experienced drummer and performer on a wide variety of authentic African musical instruments and on keyboard. He was a soloist with Leopold Stokowsky, and he's the composer of the music for Martha Graham's Clymenestra, Nuriev and Margo Fontayne's The Fallen Angel Lucifer, Nile Festival Music, Ramses the Great Symphony, Lament of the Pharaoh, and the sound-light show for the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Halim works with the Ohio Arts Council and Cleveland Public Theatre. A pioneer in electronic music, he has a CD entitled Crossing Into the Electric Magnetic of experimental music from 1945-1975, a new biography with a CD included, and the CD Halim El-Dabh Live at Starwood.

Gesture & Language in Traditional Drumming
A workshop on how interactive drumming, voice & chant combine with body movement and position to reflect cultural behavior, and how they affect out outlook on life.

African Perceptions: Colors and Senses
Explaining the relationship between colors and deities among the Yorubans and the Ancient Egyptians. The Yoruba tradition has retained a consistent relationship between colors and deities without regard to the influence of other religions. The ancient Egyptians associated colors, senses, and deities. Halim will be exploring using a keyboard to interpret color and artistic presentations.

Jason Gazda is founder of Rhythm Army, and creator of the Starwood Didge Dome. His unique, handmade didgeridoos are much sought after. Known for his deep trance style of playing, Jason continues to forge bravely into uncharted realms of consciousness, didgeridoo in hand. At the Dome, Jason emphasizes a playful and noncompetitive atmosphere for Didge players, as well as the creation of a mystical and sacred space for explorers of the inner worlds.

Didgeridoo Basics
Experience the beauty and mystery of the Aboriginal didgeridoo – at once the most basic, and yet profound of musical instruments. We will introduce the basic playing techniques – the drone, mouth sounds, and basic rhythms – and then present an overview of circular breathing. No music knowledge is necessary. We will have a few instruments to share. All players – from aspiring to professional – are welcome.

Wendy Rover of the Coyote Hill Family, has been involved in the Drum and Dance Community in Rochester, NY since 1995. Wendy (AKA Woodbuster Zoom) has danced and performed with Bush Mango Drum and Dance, and has studied with Colleen Hendrick, Michael Markus, M'baye Diagne and Anisha H'san.
Evan Stuckless of the Coyote Hill Family, is an instructor/trainer who has composed and performed music for over 15 years. He has played keyboards, accordion, mandolin, banjo, pennywhistle, and djembe throughout the North East in bands from every style from rock to reggae, folk to funk. His numerous Starwood appearances include performances with the African band Djoliba, Blue Eustice, and the World/Groove band BuddhaHood, among others.

West African Drum and Dance
Join us and explore the Rhythms of Guinea, West Africa. Evan Stuckless will join Wendy Rover, giving the drumming instruction during the first part of this workshop. Wendy will then teach the corresponding dances in the second half. They will work on the rhythms, songs and dances to Lamdon (Jahleh-don), KuKu, and Don-ba. All skill levels are welcome.

Sacred Dance in the O-Zone
How do we all dance and play around the Sacred Fire Circle? Bring your rattle or bell and come move with Wendy Rover and Evan Stuckless. We'll discuss intent, share techniques, but mostly move, dance, and play in the "O-zone" of the Roundhouse.

Alex Wedmedyk, G.S. is a craftsman, jewelry designer, drum-maker, and drummer. He is a member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge and a co-founder of Earth Rhythm Workshops offering experiential workshops, special events, and annual gatherings that promote the unity of all things. Earth Rhythm empowers others to awaken the healer within and to carry the message of oneness into their personal life walk.

You and Your Drum: Finding and Caring for the RIGHT Drum
This workshop is for anyone who has or is considering obtaining a personal drum. Alex will share helpful hints on how to select the drum that's right for you. They will give instructions on preventative maintenance and "first aid" measures you can take to keep your drum in good shape, and some tips on the care and repair of sick drums. This class will be held as the first part of the African Drum Making Workshop: please consult Alex about materials costs if you plan to bring a drum to be repaired.

Four Steps to Drumming Bliss
Drumming is a lifestyle. Become one with the drum. In four easy steps; you will know the basic principles of drumming and, best of all, you will be on your way to riding the groove.

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