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Starwood Festival XXIII 22-27 July 2003 - Sherman, NY

Community -> Child Care Rules

To be signed by all parents registering children, upon entering Brushwood/Starwood. If this is not signed the child will not be able to use the child care or kid village areas.


• I/We understand the Brushwood policies on minors and agree to comply with these rules
• Every child must be registered with Brushwood and Starwood to participate in Child Care/Kids Village
• I/We understand that an adult must supervise children under 14 years at all times except while the child is in Child care/Kids Village. This is especially important after dark. DO NOT ABANDON YOUR CHILDREN IN TENTS ! ! ! A child can wake up, be disoriented and the staff has to spend much time and effort to find the parents.
• Neither Ace or Brushwood can or will be responsible for your children during your stay at Brushwood
• I/We understand that the use of Child Care/Kids Village is at our own risk and discretion
• I/We agree to sign up for two hours voluntary service in Child Care/Kid Village
• If the child special dietary needs then I/we will provide their snacks for Child Care/Kids Village
• I/We will sign each of our children in and out for morning and/or afternoon sessions each time we use Child Care/Kids Village.
• I/We understand that if children are not picked up within 15 of closing the parents will not allowed to bring the child back for 24 hours
• I/We understand that if children are left after the closing time we and our children will not be able to use the Child Care/ Kids Village the rest of Starwood.
• We believe in using assertive discipline that strengthens good behavior and uses positive reinforcement to offer incentive to misbehaving campers. BY signing this page you are agreeing to follow the rules and understand the consequences if you don’t


1. Verbal warning
2. Time-out away from the group
3. Time out and can not come back to group for the day
4. Dismissed from Child Care/ Kids Village for the remainder of Starwood.

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