Starwood Festival XXIII 22-27 July 2003 - Sherman, NY


Besides being America's Favorite Magical Event, Starwood is a Multiversity. Here are some of the faculty and classes you'll find at this years Starwood...

- Heretics, Psychedelics & Psybernetics
- Sense, Sexuality & the Earth
- Wisdom from the Past for the Future
- Rhythm, Movement and Music
- Modern Myth & Magic
- Wellness, Healing and Daily Practice
- Adult Arts and Crafts

Heretics, Psychedelics and Cybernetics

Paul Krassner
Magic Mushrooms and Other Highs
The Funny Side of WWIII
Lisa McSherry
Technopagan Primer
Magick in Cyberspace
Matthew Williams
Crop Circles
Rev. Ivan Stang
Death of War and End of Endings
Paul Mavrides
Multimedia Art Show
Philip H. Farber
Magick for Potheads
How to be a Megalomaniac
Joseph Rothenberg
Interface: Hands Experience with Electronic Meditation Devices
Wil Howitt
Wetware 101
The Hum Cooler
Angela Brownfield
Discover the Power of Hypnosis
Rev. Bleepo Abernathy
Instant Surrealist Theatre

Sense, Sexuality and the Earth

Donald Michael Kraig
Expanding Personal Boundaries through Tantric Techniques.
Tarot and Magic
Traditional Tantra.
Jesse Wolf Hardin
Kindred Spirits: Animal Teachers & Plant Guides
Planet Eros: Pagan Sexuality & The Erotics of Place
Wild Women: Sacred Self, Sister-Tribe
Sacred Indulgence: Pampering The Goddess Within
(Women Only)
Rev. Ursula Carrie
Green Witching: The Sacred Art of Nourishment
Weed Wisdom: A Plant Walk
Sherri Winston
Introduction to Wholistic Sexuality
Sacred Boundaries
A Ritual of the Senses
Harvey Wasserman
Green Pwer is Here: Current Realities
Fighting American Fascism: Can the U.S. survive George W. Bush?
Ronn Walks with Fire & Raven
Shielding: Psionic Shelter & Concealment
Bouquet of Lovers
CAWnspiracy: It Will Suck You In!
Jonathan J. Dickau
God & Goddess: Love That Fuels the Cosmos
Megan Harding
Inner Senses Yoga

Wisdom from the Past for the Future

Ristandi (Rune Gild)
Blot: the Structure of Sacrifice
The Troth
Heathen Sumbel
Rev. Skip Ellison
Ancestors of the Celts
ADF's Study Plan: Where do we stand?
Significance of Food & Drink to the Indo-Europeans
Ian Corrigan
Issues In Pagan Theology
Piseog, Briocht, Draiocht - the Practice of Celtic Sorcery
Rob Roy
Stone Circles: Megalithic Workshop
Cordwood Masonry
Don "Two Eagles" & Daniella "Bluestar" Waterhawk
Tsalgi Dance of Life
Talking Council
Adhitan Ratrija
Introduction to Modern Vedism
Advanced Vedism
Gene & Linda Rowand
Inipi Kaga (Sweat Lodge)
Elie Sheva
Leaders of the Hebrew Warrior-Shepard Tribes
Amcha Values: Guidelines for the Noble Warrior in Peace and War
Jonathan J. Dickau
The Totality of Being

Rhythm, Movement and Music

Jim Donovan
of Rusted Root
Rhythm and Drumming Workshops
Lady Zimra
World Dance
Guedra: Tuareg Trance Dance of Blessing
Martin Cradick
World Music: AfroCeltic and (Baka) Beyond
Talking Drum Workshop
Badal Roy
Introduction to Tabla
Muruga Booker
Kundalini Yoga and Nada Yoga Drum Workshop
Halim El Dabh
African Perceptions: Colors and Senses
Sara Delphine
Reclaim your Inner Performer
Dance the Journey
Seeking the Aspects of Self
Chas Smith
Trance Music
From Woodstock to the Moon
Jim Barleycorn Brewster
Gettin' Down with the Goddess: The Sacred Heart of Secular Music
Penny Goody
Crafting Sacred Dance
Rhythmic Ribbon Dancing
Denizen's of the Didge Dome
Didgeridoo Basics (2)
Didgeridoo Trance Circle & More...
Kaaren Remley
Basic Singing Technique
harmony & Chant Share
Cathleen McGowan
Chants of the Spirits
Exploring Creativity
Wendy Rover & Evan Stuckless
West African Drum & Dance
Bonfire Lighting Dance and Drumming
Daveed Korup
The Flying Darabuka Rhythm Circus
Tao Te Drum
Rob Kuadaky Dorsey
Discovering Vocal Harmonics
Exploring Vocal Harmonics

Modern Myth & Magic

Tannin Schwartzstein
Broken Glass & Talking Bones: Spirits of the City
Brides, Brooms & Grooms - Oh My!
Third Gender Spirits & the Craft
Louis Martinie
In Praise of Manman Bridgette
New Orleans Voodoo Drumming on the Irish Boudhran
Priestess Miriam Chamani
In Praise of Manman Bridgette
New Orleans Voodoo Drumming on the Irish Boudhran
Peg Aloi & Skip Clark
Witches in the Ivory Tower
Patricia Monaghan
Leadership, Poetry and the Goddess: The Celtic Way
Deborah Lipp
The Elements of Ritual: How are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water present in the Wiccan circle?
The Way of Four
Preparing for Ritual
Isaac Bonewits
Top Down Liturgical Design
Bardism 101: Effective Use of Poetry, Chants and Music in Ritual
Francesca Hedrick
Introduction to Runes
Living in the World of the Middle Kingdom
Magic: Be careful what you wish for!
Richard Kaczynski
Aleister Crowley: The Nature of the Beast
Shards of Light: The Chaldean Oracles in Ceremonial Magick
Jason W. Mankey
The History of Modern Wicca
The Horned God
Denise Navetta
Animal Magik
Reptiles Are Cool
Christopher Rondina
Running with the Moon: The Shamanic Werewolf
Running with the Moon: The Art of Spiritual Lycanthropy

Wellness, Healing and Daily Practice

Daniel & Jenni Lupinski
Exploring Self Healing and Shamanic Ritual
Deborah Zurilla
Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
Understanding the Immune System
Felicity Oceansong
Healing Through Music
Rebecca Crystal
Psychic Healing in the Round
Soul Retreival for a Shorter Death
Sister/Brother Circle
Reclaiming the Self
Pagan Playground
Renea C. Frey & Rob Dorsey
Sitting Upright: Sitting Meditation 101
Intermediate Sitting Meditation
Finding and Maintaining a Daily Practice
Sacred Ink -- Writing as Spiritual Practice
Rosa Castro
Reiki Healing Circle
Past Life work through the Chakras
Exploring Trance Healing
Dana Piper
Partnered Therapeutic Massage
Carol Callen
Awakening the Flow of Qi
The Intuitive Touch
The Craft of Psychic Readings
Jonathan J. Dickau
Moving With Energy
Body of Energy
Tom Swiss
Zen Paganism
Self-Defense as a Spiritual Practice
The Sword that Gives Life
Madonna Moonhawk and Maumin
Vibrational Meditation

Adult Arts and Crafts

Lauren Raine
The Masks of the Goddess: Mask and Ritual Theatre of the Goddess
Creating Ritual Masks (part I)
Spirit of the Mask (part II)
Fred Hatt
Body Painting: Art, Ritual & Play
Joy Wedmedyk
Spirit Dolls
Hoop Drum Making
Edge Beading
Drum Making and Repair
Alex Wedmedyk
You and Your Drum
Afrikan Drum Making Workshop
A Healing of Art: The Tattoo
The Ritual Tattoo
Debbie Fields-Berry
Ale Brewing demo/class
Waking Dream
Giant Puppetry

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