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Starwood Festival XXIII 22-27 July 2003 - Sherman, NY

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PAGAN FESTIVAL GEAR courtesy of ariesmoon69:

Sunblock high SPF
Insect repellant
Paper and pens
Prescriptions and medicine
Toiletries : dental hygenics, shampoo/conditioner, razors/shaving kit, biodegsoap, comb/brush/hair elastics, deodorant
ear plugs
flip flops for shower
massage oil
jewelry/body decor
eye pillow (daytime sleeping)
Drums, rattle, etc
Alarm Clock (battery operated)
Flashlight & batteries
Area light
Swiss Army Knife
Water carriers
Sleeping bag and pad or air mattress
extra blankets
Underwear, socks, handkerchiefs
pants, shirts
rain gear/umbrella
coats, sweaters and other warm gear
ritual garb/tools/etc.
camera, film ,etc.
hiking shoes
Laundry bag
cash & traveler's checks
can opener
eating utensils
chalice and/or mug
plate and bowl
dishwashing stuff
Toilet paper
Paper towels
garbage bags & food bags
contraceptives &/or safe sex stuff
Registration Confirmation (not needed 4 starwood)
$$ Money

Tape recorder, mike and tapes
banners for camp
costume/etc for "wear what you dare" ball
Altar and associated items
bathing suit (not needed for Starwood)
door mat
Give away Magazines, calendars and literature
Face paints
Pot Luck Food
Cash for shopping/food

What to bring...

For many, this list could be endless. For others, a blanket, drum and some granola will suffice. Most of us fall in the middle somewhere. For a well thought out list of "things" (in addition to this one), check out the following website:
- Thanks Rilla!

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