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Starwood Festival XXIII 22-27 July 2003 - Sherman, NY

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There is no current recycling policy at Brushwood. New York is a deposit state and we would urge everyone to take their beverage containers back to where they were purchased for the refund. Otherwise, PACK GREEN so we don't have to Recycle (or send everything to the landfill).

Please BURN

Anything and everything you can. You will notice several campfires distributed liberally around Brushwood that can be used to burn things like paper, cardboard, and food scraps. This will cut the amount of things going into the landfill by about half!!!


Your dishes by getting water, take it back to your site, wash, and throw the 'gray' (dirty) water no closer that 50' from a lake or stream, or your neighbor for that matter. Do not wash dishes at the spigots or sinks!
Be Courteous!

As Starwood...

continues to grow both Brushwood and ACE staff are pressed by the large amounts of trash generated by our loving community. Please note the centers for trash disposal located conveniently all around the Brushwood site and follow the guidelines. Please, we all need to work together.

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