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Starwood Festival FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers

What is the Starwood Festival?

The Starwood Festival is the largest Pagan/Magickal/Consciousness Gathering in North America (and maybe even the world). General information about the Starwood Festival is available at: http://www.starwoodfestival.com.

When is the Starwood Festival?

Starwood is held every year since 1980 near the third weekend of July. The usual reckoning of its occurence coincides with the Rising of the Dog Star Sirius over the Nile Delta, or the 23rd of July. The date span from Tuesday through Sunday that contains the 23rd of July will be the dates for Starwood. In 2007 it will be July 24-29. Mark those calendars!

Where is the Starwood Festival?

Held in various locations through Ohio and Western PA and NY, Starwood is currently held near Lake Chautaqua, New York. It is approximately 30 minutes SouthEast of Erie, PA and an hour SouthWest of Buffalo, NY. Information about the campground, the Brushwood Folklore Center, is available from Brushwood.com, and the year specific Starwood sub-sites.

Who runs the Starwood Festival?

Starwood is run by the Chameleon Club and by the Association for Consciousness Exploration (ACE). More information about them is available at: http://www.rosencomet.com/about.html.

How much is the Starwood Festival?

The admission price for Starwood 27 in 2007 is $175 for general pre-registration (before July 5th) and $215 (cash only) at the door.

Can I bring my kids/dogs/cats/aardvarks to the Starwood Festival?

Children of all ages are welcome, but those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Parents (or Legal guardians) are responsible for their children at all times. We facilitate a fairly comprehensive kids & childrens program and ask that you participate actively in it. We strive to provide a safe and stimulating environment but need your help to do so.

No pets are permitted at Starwood. This includes aardvarks.

What do I need to bring for the Starwood Festival?

For many, this list could be endless. For others, a blanket, drum and some granola will suffice. Most of us fall in the middle somewhere. For a well thought out list of "things", check out the following websites:

What if there is a medical emergency?

First Aid Supplies are always available at the Safety Shack, a small building near the Pool House. In case of a medical emergency, contact FirstAid at the Safety Shack or an A.C.E. or Brushwood Staff member immediately! Do not move anyone who is unconscious or has fallen! Wait for staff. Licensed physicians are at the nearby local hospital.

About the Starwood Festival Mailing List

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from the Starwood Festival online mailing list?

How do I post or reply to a message?

Send an email to StarwoodFestival@yahoogroups.com. Please trim your replies to include only the relevant text that you are replying to.

What are the guidelines for acceptable posts?

Posts relating to the Starwood Festival in some way are acceptable. Posts that do not relate in any way to the Starwood Festival are generally not acceptable. Posts that advertise products, stores, or other festivals are also discouraged. The Starwood mailing list is a publicly viewable forum, so post accordingly.

About ACE

Who/what is the Association for Consciousness Exploration?

A.C.E. is an organization in NorthEast Ohio providing services in the fields of Magic, Mind-Sciences, Alternative Lifestyles, Comparative Religion/Spirituality, Entertainment, Holistic Healing, and related subjects. Founded in 1983 by members of the Chameleon Club, ACE has provided programs of an educational, spiritual, and recreational nature to the Greater Cleveland area and the public at large.

Dedicated to 'expanding the frontiers of your consideration', they are best known for the Starwood Festival (America's Greatest Magickal Event) and the WinterStar Symposium (America's Cushiest Magickal Event), and their line of Books, Tapes, and CDs featuring both lecturers and performers from their past events and the ACE/Llewellyn line of tapes. ACE maintains an office & the Starwood Center in Cleveland, Ohio with mind-science equipment and seminar space, and holds occasional smaller events at colleges and in the community including drumming circles, concerts, and solo appearances by speakers & artists seen at their festivals.

What other events does ACE sponsor/present?

ACE and the Chameleon Club, and a whole lot of volunteers, get together several times a year to present festivals and events that encompass learning, community, and diversity. The Starwood Festival is by far the largest endeavor that we create and The WinterStar Symposium is the cushiest, being held at a ski resort. Thing In The Woods is more of a retreat than a festival, it's a time for everyone who helped us to relax and get to know one another. Besides these events, we occassionally put together local "happenings," which can be concerts, workshops, and social soirés.

How do I become an ACE member, and what are the benefits?

A.C.E. Members enjoy significant discounts to all A.C.E. festivals and events, plus enjoy a 10% discount on all A.C.E Catalog Items. The annual membership fee is $65. To get an A.C.E. Membership, please mail us and include a check for $65 (made out to A.C.E.) with the following information. Full Name, Street Address, State, Zip, Dayphone, Evephone, and Email address to A.C.E., 1643 Lee Rd., #9, Cleveland Hts., OH 44118. You can also become a member when you register for an event, get your members saving immediately.

About Brushwood

Where in the world is Brushwood, and how do I get there?

Full directions can be found on the Starwood page under Directions to Brushwood.

How long has the Starwood Festival been held at Brushwood?

The 27th Starwood Festival in 2007 will be our 18th year at Brushwood.

What amenities are provided during the festival?

Brushwood is 180 acres of majestic woodlands and rolling meadows, with a large pond that has a center island. This amazing site keeps growing and changing! In addition to the beautiful pool pavilion with its spacious hot tub and hot showers, "Downtown Brushwood" now includes a food court, a mini hardware store, an information booth, and other structures. More hot showers and flush toilets at the Bath House add to our comfort.

About The Region

Erie, Jamestown and Buffalo are major thoroughfare cities.

Chautauqua has a large Lake and is a vacation area. There are many wineries in the Lake Chautauqua area with wonderful NY wines that rival California...and at great prices! There are also larger grocery stores and a K-Mart here.

Mayville on Rt. 430 east of Sherman. Mayville has nearly every source for supplies and food for Starwood. Mayville has the only bank machine within an hour drive and has a large full-service grocery store, specialty stores and antiques. Just East, past Mayville on Rt. 430 there is a large liquor and wine store with a huge variety of local wines. (Johnson Estates has a very deliciously fruity, semi-sweet Niagra and sweet, fruity Concord)

Sherman is the town head where Starwood is held. They greatly appreciate our business and help support Brushwood. Sherman is a tiny town located on Rt. 430 and County Road 15. There is a small, but very well stocked grocery, a True Value hardware store, a liquor store, bar, restaurant, pizza shop (that will deliver to Brushwood!), gas station and antique shops. We encourage folks to try there first if you need supplies.

Findlay is a small town located on Rt. 430 coming from the west. There is a small grocery and a pizza place. The one thing Findlay has is the back way into Brushwood: just take the first right after the giant Jesus...this is Bailey Hill road.