the 24th annual

WinterStar Symposium: Vision Quest

Exploring Realms of Consciousness

February 08-11, 2007 ~ Atwood Lake Resort

Everything is a Quest in Winter: a Quest for food and warmth and direction. A Quest for game that has not flown south, or burrowed in, or hid itself away from the bitter cold. A Quest for dry fuel to feed our hearth, for the friendly fires of our neighbors across the acres of barren wasteland. Half the landmarks of the fields we know are hid from our vision under a blanket of white, and the familiar paths we walked only yesterday are disappeared beneath the swirling snow. And as night approaches, and a grey and overcast sky meets a shrouded horizon, we search in the gloom for a light, a sign -- a star to guide us on our journey.

Our Quest through the spiritual wasteland is much the same, as an enwintered mood wraps us in a numbing cloak, and clarity and direction seem to elude us. But to the Seeker with Vision on the Inner Path there comes a clearing, and a break in the overcast sky, and a Light to show us the way.

Come join us in our VisionQuest; join us in that clearing, in the warmth of good company, the companionship of fellow seekers, under a Winter Star.

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Print and post flyers in your local new age bookstores, cafes, mind spas, Pagan & alternative events and other hip and progressive venues. Download our poster here. Thank you for making Winterstar such a thigh slapping good time!

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