Before we describe the program, we've got to welcome Babatunde Olatunji! The Master of Drums, Olatunji has offered the primary introduction of African music to the West. His work with Micky Hart of the Grateful Dead and his own Drums of Passion CDs have been the cornerstone of festival drumming in America. For over forty years, from movie sound-tracks to classes to performances, his rhythms and spirit have brought the joy of authentic African drumming and dancing to all corners of the world. We're honored to have him at Starwood this year.
Another special treat: the Groucho Marx of the counter-culture, Paul Krassner joins us! Yippie, Merry Prankster,
journalist and Zen satirist, and publisher of the legendary magazine The Realist, Paul is the father of the underground press, and one of the best minds of his generation to be destroyed by madness!

Other new guests to Starwood include: celebrated fantasy writer Diana L. Paxson, Elder both of the Covenant of the Goddess and The Ring of Troth, and author of several books of magic and wonder including The Lord of Horses and her upcoming Arthurian novel Hallowed Isle; and novelist Christopher Moore, author of 4 books blending sex, humor, and mystical themes including Bloodsucking Fiends: a Love Story and Coyote Blue.

And Magic Castle Magician of the year Jeff "Magnus" McBride, headliner at Ceasar's Palace's Magical Empire and NBC's World's Greatest Magician, is definately going to be here, bring us the show that has held Las Vegas in awe!

And two amazing additions to Starwood: the Island Show will blaze like never before as Centrak Laser provides an incredible full-scale Laser Light-Show with animation and pyrotechniques that will blow us ALL away! And nightly parties blending Rave, Gothic, and other musical elements will cook after midnight in the Puffer-Dome, our inflatable, hemispherical night club!

The program starts at 6 PM on Tuesday with the Opening Circle, with classes from 9:30 to 6 PM for the rest of the festival 'til Closing Circle Sunday at 1:45. We'll have concerts daily thru Sat. at lunch and evening, beginning with the Rasta/Reggae P.L.U.S. Band Tuesday night, Rock n Roll band Oroboros at the Wednesday Night Video-Toasty Dance Party, and the open-mic Bardic Concerts Thursday night. Friday's multi-act concert will begin with comedy by the Firesign Clones, and conclude with the infamous Island Show. And the Saturday Concert will star Babatunde Olatunji and his company of drummers and dancers, who'll launch our spirits towards the blazing heart of the festival: the legendary Starwood Bonfire!

When you hear the beat, you'll know you're near the heart!

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New Frontiers

We are pleased to welcome Counter-Cultural Hero Paul Krassner to his first Starwood Festival. He is joined by Environmentalist/Political Historian Harvey Wasserman, author of four books including The Energy War: News from the Front. Richard Kaczinski PhD will offer Phonehenge: the 5th Annual Netters? Forum. Kitchen Alchemist Norman Christiansen will discuss Entheogenic Plants of Healing and Power, Physicist Sam Stansfield PhD will lead a Starwalk of the summer night sky, and Rev. Bleepo Abernathy of the Church of the SubGenius will rant upon the Word of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs.

Magic & Spirit

Diana Paxson graces our event with workshops on Norse Spirituality and Scandinavian Divination. Isaac Bonewits, founder of the Druidic organization Ar nDriaocht Fein returns, with Mythologist Deborah Lipp. Oberon Zell, Founder of the Church of All Worlds and Green Egg Magazine will be there, and Mombo Miriam of the Rampart St. VooDoo Temple. Gavin & Yvonne Frost (Church and School of Wicca) and Dr. Charles "Skip" Clark will discuss Witchcraft, and Shawn Eyer will teach Greek Paganism. Kenn Deigh, creator of Sheya Magick and Mezlim Magazine, will lead workshops on Ritual Theatre. Philip H. Farber demonstrates Future Magick and it's relationship to Hypnosis. Ian Corrigan and Liafal, Elders of Stone Creed Grove, offer the lore of Celtic Paganism, and Evan Pritchard will show us the Native American ways.

Drumming, Dance & Movement

We are honored to welcome Babatunde Olatunji, who will both perform and offer two classes, all on Saturday: a morning class open to all, and a 2 1/2 hr. afternoon Drummers Workshop limited to 80 people ($25 fee). African Ethno-Musicologist Halim El-Dabh will perform and share stories of Crocodiles, Jackels, and Golden Eagles of the River Nile. Don Waterhawk of the Seneca Wolf Clan will lead the Tslagi Dance of Life, and Madonna Moonhawk leads the Universal Dances of Peace. Abbi Spinner offers drumming workshops, and Ron Slabe (the Island Guy) explores found sounds in a Junkyard Jam. Carlos Jones of the P.L.U.S. Band will teach Niabingi Drumming and tell us about Rastafarianism. Billy Woods and David Korup of Seeds of Time lead workshops of West African and Middle Eastern Drumming styles, and Louis Martinié introduces the drumming of the New Orleans VooDoo Tradition. Jimi and Morwen Two-Feathers of Earth Drum Council will show us how to Drum in Community. And rituals of Drum Blessing will be provided in two different cultural contexts.

Healing & Creativity

Jennifer Moore will provide her popular class on Breathwork, and instruction in the art of Reiki. Elyse Tera will offer the Eastern arts of Shiatsu and the Tao of Healing. Morwen Two-Feathers looks at Motherhood as a Shamanic Path. Jim Klar of Cleveland Aikikai offers a class on Aikido, and Tim Anderson reprises his WinterStar class on Ecstacy Breath, and leads a Council of All Beings. Joseph Patella teaches Yoga for Couch Potatoes and Massage. Marty Laubach leads daily classes in Tai Chi, and Billy Woods does the same in Chi Gung. Alex and Joy Wedmedyk hold workshops on making both Afrikan and Hoop-style Drums, and Creation Bowls. And Roy and Catherine Cartwright-Jones teach craft classes of Batiking, Embroidery, and Pit-fired Pottery. And Donna Boswell leads the Sunday morning Healing Circle.

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