is a Chameleon, an ACE organizer, and a founder and Senior Druid of Stone Creed Grove. She is a professional educator and a Priestess of the Traditional Craft, National Members' Advocate for ADF, a past officer of the Covenant of the Goddess, and has been a major motivating force behind the Starwood Festival Kids Programming for many years.

Opening Circle

As we join our energies together, we invite the spirits to protect and guide us during Starwood. Join hundreds of people as we spiral dance to raise the power to envelope the festival in blessing.

Closing Circle

We thank those who have aided us during the festival and ask for protection as we return home.

Deborah Lipp

has been active in the Neo-Pagan community since 1981, and is a Wiccan High Priestess in the Gardnerian tradition. Her articles and poetry have been published in numerous Pagan journals. Deborah is also a professional Tarot reader and teacher, and a storyteller. Deborah is married to Archdruid Isaac Bonewits and has a son, Arthur, born in March of 1990.

Snow White, the Wicked Witch, and Female Power

This discussion applies an understanding of ancient mythology and archetypal imagery to one of the best-known fairy tales in the world. In his cartoon classic, Walt Disney captured an essential image of women and Witchcraft in Western culture. We examine what Snow White and the Wicked Witch tell us about cultural views of female goodness and female evil, female sexual emergence, and female Magic.

Starting a Pagan Group

This workshop will cover many of the issues that arise in a group's first year or so of existence. Topics will include contact, screening, networking, safety, a syllabus of clases for beginners and others, book lists, projects, and group dynamics.

Louis Martinie

teaches Special Education and percussion for the Orleans Parish school system. He is a Bokor (magician) and Elder of the Rampart Street VooDoo Spiritual Temple of New Orleans, and drums with the Mambo Muslima, Cabal Tambour Dan-i, and for the ritual shows of the VooDoo Museum, and he conducts ritual drumming workshops with Don DuFrane and Luis Manuel Nunez. He has written Waters of Return:Aeonic VooDoo, the text for the New Orleans VooDoo Tarot, and is the editor for Black Moon Publishing. Louis has been associated with the anarchistic grouping of ritual magicians known as Bate Cabal. (The tape Festival and Ritual Drumming performed by Louis with Mishlen Linden, is available through ACE.)

New Orleans VooDoo

New Orleans Voodoo has a style distinct from African Voodoo, Haitian Voodoo, and Santeria. This style and its current developements will be discussed. New Orleans Voodoo and its similarities with and differences from Paganism will be addressed.

Drumming at the Temple

An introduction to New Orleans Voodoo drumming as a part of the musical heritage of the city. Rhythms used at the Rampart St. Temple will be shared and taught. The role and responsibilities of the Ritual Drummer as opposed to the Performance Drummer will be emphasized.

Paul Maurice

is the Senior Druid of World Tree Grove, ADF, and a founder of StoneCreed Grove, ADF. He has been a student of Norse ways for over 10 years. Visit the World Tree Grove, ADF WWW site at http://www.ici.net/customers/ivydruid/WTG_events.html

Germanic Paganism and Druidry: Norse Religion and ADF Ritual

The religion and magic of the Germanic and Norse tribes are among the most well-preserved of northern European Pagan ways. Paul describes the Nine Worlds of the World Tree, the Kindreds of Gods and Spirits that dwell in them, and the ways of ritual and magic that bring humankind into relation with them. This talk will also describe and prepare for the Thursday night ritual.


Jeff "Magnus" McBride

Well he's not able to be at Starwood this year, because of last minute scheduling changes...look into CHANGE for the reasons, but you can visit his fantastic website at http://www.mcbridemagic.com

Diana McFadden

has been interested in community living and cooperation for most of her life, and has visited several intentional communities over the years. She is concerned about the perils of competition in society, and its damaging effects on communities and individuals. Diana has a B.A. in Political Science, and currently makes her living as a professional musician with Green Crown.

Working Well Together

An open discussion designed to help understand, and with understanding to prevent and/or overcome, the dynamics of conflict, competition, and discord which so often plague groups and organizations in the 'Pagan' community - with the result that more energy is spent in sectarian infighting than in working the good magic which is so sorely needed.


is a Chameleon, Nath, Master Mason and Junior Warden at Lodge #633, and a Starwood Festival organizer. He'll be one of the Chameleons presenting "So It's Your First Starwood"

Mombo Miriam

is a former Bishop of the Angel Angel All Nations Spiritual Church. Miriam is now the Queen Mother of the Rampart St. VooDoo Spiritual Temple of New Orleans, and is an active spokesperson for VooDoo as practiced in New Orleans, appearing in Spin Magazine, in movies, and on PBS and commercial TV in America, England and Japan. Miriam carries on the work of her husband Belizean herbalist and VooDoo Priest Oswan Chamani, touching the souls of all peoples regardless of race or belief.

VooDoo as a Metaphysical Religion and its Purpose to Humanity

Drawing on seven years with the Rampart St. Voodoo Spiritual Temple and 13 years in Chicago, where she was crowned a Bishop at Angel Angel All Nations Spiritual Church, Queen Mother Mombo Miriam will discuss Afro Centric American Voodooism as a working spiritual order.

Madonna Moonhawk

has studied spirit paths for over twenty years, including the teachings of the Sufi order, the Lakota tribe, and the Goddess path. She is a licensed Massotherapist and has used Shiatsu, reflexology, deep muscle therapy, sound vibrational healing, and Reiki.

The Dances of Universal Peace

The Dances of Universal Peace are simple, meditative and uplifting group dances. They represent and integrate many of the world's spiritual traditions, and help to create peace and unity within and without. These dances were originated 25 years ago by the American mystic Samuel Lewis as part of his vision of "Peace Through the Arts". Some of the traditions represented are Hindu, Buddist, Zoroastrian, Sufi, Native American, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Goddess, Celtic, and Universalist.

Yoganna With Madonna

Not everyone has what they might think is a perfect yoga body. Take a step into your body's reality. Join us and learn how to use yoga. Madonna offers tips on how to ease into yoga gently for greater health and flexibility. Share her 15 years of experience in Hatha Yoga, elemental breathing practices, and light meditations. Bring a mat or blanket, towel, and a pillow. Wear loose fitting clothes. All bodies, shapes and genders welcome.

Chris Moore

Christopher Moore

Author, humorous fiction. From Practical Demonkeeping to Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story Chris calls his books "goofy"--but they're drawing international acclaim with a mixture of drama, spiritual beliefs, and talon-sharp humor. This 1st-time presenter is including Starwood in his national tour for his brand new Island of the Sequined Luv Nun. His offerings, including one on "Trickster Gods", are sure to inspire...one way or another! Check out his website at www.chrismoore.com

The Trickster in Your Everyday Life

If the universe is forever seeking balance, yet is doomed to never find it, then surely the most potent force in the universe is irony. The trickster represents that power. From Coyote in Native American Legend to the Monkey King in Chinese, the trickster has been with us since the beginning of time—goofing, playing tricks, and generally making a mess of our life for his/her own amusement. Christopher Moore discusses the history and influence of the Trickster and how to acknowledge this mischievous force with a wink and a nod. You gotta laugh.

Journaling: Your Own Journey

If you haven’t written your personal history then you are indeed prehistoric. Christopher Moore discusses how to write your life story, as well as the therapeutic value of journaling - including some tips on how to get started and how to keep going. The pen is mightier than the sword, so pick one up and learn to kick some butt. Goofiness guaranteed!

Jennifer Elizabeth Moore

is a healer, priestess and artist who brings over 14 years of experience as a facilitator for personal growth and transformation. Jennifer received her training and certification as a Transformational Breath Facilitator through the International Breath Institute, and is a founder of the New England Breathworker's Collaborative. Jennifer is a Reiki master, and has offered her services as a professional psychic since 1981. She leads transformational workshops for personal growth and spiritual development throughout the Northeast area.

The Power of Breathing: Using Breath as a Magical Tool

Conscious breathing is a very effective way to move energy (prana/chi) and to achieve an altered state of consciousness. As practitioners of Magic Witches, Druids, Pagans, Magicians, etc. can greatly increase the effectiveness of any Magical working or spiritual practice by using appropriate breathing techniques. The relationship with breath mirrors one's relationship with life; in one's willingness to breathe lies a possibility for transformation and integration. Breathwork can effect people on many levels: physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, personally and transpersonally. Come discover the transformative power of the breath and learn ways to enhance joy and strengthen your connection with spirit. Please arrive on time and bring an open mind, blankets, and a mat or pad to lie on; wear loose comfortable clothing and sunscreen!


Rei = universal; Ki = life force. Reiki is a healing technique which transmits energy and health through the laying on of hands. Originally discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, this ancient art has been passed on through “attunements” by initiated Reiki Masters to countless additional Reiki practitioners. A gentle yet powerful technique, Reiki can be used for relaxation, stress reduction, and virtually any illness, injury or life situation which arises.

Reiki I

In this workshop you will receive the 1st degree attunement which will permit you to transmit Reiki to yourself and to others locally. With this 1st degree, you are qualified to call yourself a Reiki practitioner. Reiki II ($25 fee) This advanced workshop is open only to those who have received the 1st degree attunement, either in Reiki I or any school of Reiki. In this double session you will receive the 2nd degree attunement, and you will learn the sacred Reiki symbols. This process will strengthen and enhance your ability to direct and channel healing energy, and it will permit you to transmit Reiki through time and space.

Keening Circle

In a ritual environment an opportunity will be created to wail, lament, scream, cry, or stand silent as a community. We all carry pain and anger whether from the death of those close or from the sometimes lonely and difficult tribulations of everyday life, but we rarely take time to formally release it, and hardly ever in the traditional sense of wailing. Join us for this ritual of release.


Babatunde Olatunji

the Master of Drums, has offered the primary introduction of African music to the West. His work with Micky Hart of the Gratful Dead and his own Drums of Passion CDs have been the cornerstone of festival drumming in America. For over forty years, from movie sound-tracks to classes to performances, his rhythms and spirit have brought the joy of authentic African drumming and dancing to all corners of the world.

The Language of the Drums

($25 - Class size limited)
Babatunde Olatunji teaches us how the drum is the center of African culture, as its sounds and rhythms communicate, stimulate, and pace the variety of activities of traditional life. In an exhilarating community atmosphere, we learn the consonants of the Yoruba language, and how to reproduce these sounds with drums and chants that accompany the sounds and rhythms. This workshop is appropriate for anyone at any level of drumming experience. Baba covers techniques for producing the proper tones of the drum, playing original and authentic rhythms, and learning the essential attitudes that will bring your drum to life. These lessons will expand the student's playing abilities on the Ashiko and Djembe, or related types of drums. NOTE: This class is for ticketholders only! If you are NOT a paying participant, please respect our boundaries. Thanks!

This workshop is now SOLD OUT

Speaking in Drums

Behind the drumbeats lies a message, of indiscriminate love. Dancing and drumming across the decades in America and around the world, from the release of Drums of Passion in 1959 to the gathering of drummers at the Washington Monument this past November, Babatunde Olatunji shares his experiences and the understanding and spiritual unity that have made him an Elder in communities such as ours. In his own words, "We have to join hands together in order to fulfill one of the most important purposes for which we are created, and that is to help free mankind."

Visit his WWW site at http://members.aol.com/WeRtheDrum/index.html

Joseph Patella

interned at Robinson Memorial Hospital and is a national certified counselor with a Masters degree in Counseling. He is a graduate of the Ohio College of Massotherapy, is licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board to practice massage therapy, studied Yoga and holistic health at the Kripalu Yoga Institute in Lenox, MA., and uses hypno-therapy in his practice.

Yoga for Couch Potatoes

For the stressed-out, under-exercised, overweight, young or elderly, Yoga is a scientific, time-tested, 6,000-yr-old system of self improvement. Gentle stretching exercises, rhythmic breathing and relaxation techniques are part of the beginning practice. Experience the benefits of increased relaxation, relief of minor aches and increased vitality. Bring a mat or blanket and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Introduction to Massage

A basic workshop for the amateur. What massage is, what it isn't, its history, benefits, contra-indications, types, setting and equipment, guidelines, and procedures. A practical session follows the lecture (loincloth optional, no cameras allowed). Bring a large towel, oil, and a light heart.

Diana L. Paxson

Diana L. Paxson is a consecrated Priestess of the Fellowship of the Spiral Path and an Elder of the Covenant of the Goddess and the Ring of Troth, whose journal, IDUNNA, she is now editing. Diana is the author of numerous mythic short stories and novels featuring the Old Religion, most recently The Lord of Horses, and is working on an Arthurian novel to be titled Hallowed Isle.

Norse Paganism

How does heathenism differ from Paganism, and how is it the same? The history of the contemporary neo-heathen movement: major figures and organizations, common beliefs and practices, and why real Norse religion is neither Nazi nor racist. Diana will be joined by Prudence Priest in offering this workshop.

Introduction to the Norse Gods and Goddesses

The real gods, not the Marvel comics version-- who they are and what they do and how to get in touch with them. And yes, the Germanic religions did have goddesses, and they are both powerful and important, especially Frigga and her associated demi-goddesses, Freyja, and the giantesses.

Spirits of Hearth and Field: Working with Ancestral and Nature Spirits

The northern European version of practices found world-wide; how to get in touch with and work with the "Wights", from the household Brownie to local tree-spirits, Norse ancestor worship, and Icelandic survivals.

Oracular Seidh

A divinatory ritual reconstructed from Old Norse traditional practice as described in the sagas. In the Viking age, the Voelva, or seeress, travelled from one farmstead to another. People gathered for prophecy and divination. Diana L. Paxson is responsible for the revival of this practice today. She has trained a group of seers in California who perform seidh (rhymes with “bathe”) at Pagan festivals, and has given training workshops in various parts of the U.S. and Europe. The rite features invocation, pathworking, trance and divination. All are invited to participate.