presents the 2002 starwood festival - july 23-28, 2002 - brushwood folklore center

In Xanadu did Kubla Kahn a stately pleasure-dome decree...
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Pufferdome

Rising from the field like Gaia's glowing nipple, tattooed in light and ringing with music, the Pufferdome is Starwood's own inflatable hemispherical pleasure palace!

Joe Rothenberg and Joe's OM Appliances present midnight parties with diverse musical styles and multi-media projections and effects.

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gnomefatty kollektiv [Wed Night]
gnomefatty kollektiv is a Pagan-based techno tribe of promoters, DJs, drummers and artists, with deep connections to Noise Laboratories. The kollektiv has presented a weekly dance event in the Boston area called Circle for three years, and continues to create a variety of dance-oriented, spiritually-aware, community-building events. Based in New England, gnomefatty kollektiv includes several of the DJs that have played the PufferDome Rave Parties at past Starwood festivals. Come hear the sounds of psy-trance (goa trance), techno, house music, and other sounds that defy categorization, and feel the spirit of our open-hearted, celebratory DJs.

Sprouting Dreams Party
growing new green things yourself and bringing that new green energy into your life! Over the last ten years, techno/rave parties have been the closest thing to church and communion that many young people have experienced. The DJs and artists of the gnomefatty kollektiv, building on years of experience creating uplifting community dance events, will will make your feet move to the sounds of their techno and psychedelic trance. "Psy-trance" as a genre seeks to create a safe space for dancers to move for long periods of time. Art supplies for people to draw and paint with will be provided, as will tasty sprouts from the earlier Sprouting Workshop. Come participate in bringing our collective high-energy dreams to life!

and more magical Earth.

Members performing this year:
- DJ djeremy plays surrealist games and experiments with dada trance-mission in the wireless imaginary on WZBC 90.3 Newton, MA (Boston) and
- DJ Mathwin is a wizard of the avant garde electronic music scene in the area of psychedelic trance. Mathwin is a DJ, an event/music producer, appears on GREEN/WZBC-FM Newton/Boston.
- DJ Greenman is a talented maestro of the psychedelic trance sound, based in Northampton, Mass.
- DJ Shwilly B (a/k/a Blawki, a/k/a Benjamin Garton) is a vegetarian gourmet techno hippy DJ/dancer gnome extraordinaire, communicating with the ontological pep-o-mint TAZ known as GREEN broadcast through the mycelial pleiadian netwerk on an abstract art/technomusic quest (WZBC-FM 90.3 Newton/Boston).

Green Crown [Thurs Night]
Drawing upon a wealth of resources which adds up to so much more than the mere sum of its parts, Green Crown weaves an eclectic range of influences into a sonic tapestry all their own – luring audiences into joining the journey to the far reaches of outer an inner space. Lead by the ethereal, dynamic voice of Prydwyn Piper and the smooth strong vocals of Ingrid Eyen, Green Crown blends the energies of guitar, mandolin, banjo, cello, violin, flute, whistles, clarinet, harp, multiple percussion, keyboard and sampled effects to achieve their goal of teleporting the audience to other times an places. From their official unveiling in the summer of 1997 until today, Green Crown has developed an ever growing and devout following. Intimate coffee houses for unplugged contemplation, large outdoor festivals and after midnight trip-out sessions are some of he portals Green Crown uses successfully to capture and captivate the attention of listeners everywhere.

Rev. Ivan Stang [Fri Night]
and Einstein's Secret Orchestra will return to Earth briefly to take advantage of the Pufferdome's bizarre, Lovecraftian geometry and otherworldly accoustics, presenting one last Church of the SubGenius devival (short for "down home dome-show revival"). Rev. Stang will be joined by Lonesome Cowboy Dave in a sermon on "Saving Souls from Themselves, or, The Revolution WILL Be Televised, and Sponsored by Nike." This could also be called a workshop in attaining Deep Slack. The most psychedelic videos in Church and ACE collections decorate the dome walls and ESO's music will decorate the audience's consciousnesslessnesses with hopelessnesslessness. Read Stangs typically lurid account of last years devival and stuff.

Einstein's Secret Orchestra [Fri Night]
Winner of the Cleveland Free Times 2000 and 2001 Music Award for Best Instrumental-Electronic Band, Einstein’s Secret Orchestra is a Cleveland-based ensemble capable of everything from sonic soundscaping to tribal world-beat to balls-out rock&roll, and have developed a strong reputation among pagan gatherings, psychedelic happenings, space-rock festivals and big city rock clubs alike. With a collective musical experience that extends past the lifespan of most humans, ESO brings a treasure trove of musical styles to their dynamically theatrical stage shows. Let X=X.

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