presents the 2002 starwood festival - july 23-28, 2002 - brushwood folklore center

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Here are most of the speakers and worksops being offered this year at Starwood:

Topic / Speaker


New Frontiers
- Stanley Krippner Ayahuasca Religion in Brazil
- Jesse Wolf Hardin (Lone Wolf Circles) Deep Ecology, Earth Spirituality
- Martin A. Lee LSD & the FBI, Occult Nazis
- Pearl Breitbach Home Schooling, Midwifery
- R.U. Sirius Alternative Politics, Leary
- David Jay Brown Better Loving through Chemistry
- Joseph Rothenberg Mind Machines, Faerie Tea Party
- Rev. Ivan Stang SubGenius Stuff
- Rob Roy Cordwood Masonry, Megaliths
- Marty Laubach Altered States
- Morley Schloss Naturist Politics & History
Divination & Fine Arts
- Catherine Cartwright Jones Henna, Batik, Palmistry
- Diana Paxson Oracular Seidh, Worldwalking
- Merlin (Kirk McLaren) Amulet Crafting, Tarot
- Joy Wedmedyk Edge Beading, Hoop Drum Making
- William Elston Divination & Healing
Magic & Spirit
- Shawn Eyer Freemasonry, Greek Paganism
- Laurie Lovecraft Saavy Spellcraft
- Oberon Zell-Ravenheart Church of All Worlds
- Magnus & Spinner Practical Tools for Tranceformation
- Liafal Opening & Closing Circles
- Ian Corrigan Celtic Paganism, Druidry
- Raul Canizares Santeria
- Deborah Lipp Wicca
- Isaac Bonewits Wicca/Druidry
- Renea Frey Writing and Spiritual Practice
- Ronn Walks With Fire & Raven Hawaiian Paganism
- Daniel Lupinski Shamanism
- Tom Swiss Zen Paganism
- Phillip H. Farber Future Magick
- Skip Ellison Druidry
- Richard Kaczynski Crowley, Ceremonial Magick
- Kenneth Deigh Sheya, Dramatic Ritual
- James Morgan Postmodern Magick
- Nema Magickal Working Groups
- Elie Sheva Middle Eastern Spirituality
- Prydwyn Piper Astronomy, Celtic Language
- Iskandar Aleandar Zen Judaism, Jewish Meditation
- Christopher Rondina Spiritual Lycanthropy
- Gryphon Rosemead Elements and the Golden Web
- Lady Sheherazahde Wicca, American Eclectic
- Rick Johnson Physics & Metaphysics, Gnostic
- Francesca Hedrick Living in the Middle Kingdom
Music & Drumming  
- Evan Stuckless Polyrhythms & West African Drumming
- Daveed Korup Tao of the Drum, Soundscapes
- Jay Atwood Didgeridoo
- Chas Smith Space Jam, Trance Music
- Brahm Stuart Mind-bending Modulating Madness
- Muruga Booker Nada Yoga/Trance Drumming
- David Turner Ritual Drumming
- Alex Wedmedyk Drum Making and Repair, Drum Care
- Ben Garton & the glittery elf princess Buddhist Chant, Sprouting
- Matt Abelson Hammered Dulcimer
- Jim Barleycorn Brewster Jamming with Pan, Backbeat
- Doktor Billy Bardo Beginning Bodhran
- Rob Dorsey Vocal Harmonics
- Ron Slabe/Pyrosonic Noise and Flames
Healing & Movement  
- Wendy Zoom Rover West African Dance
- Rebecca Crystal Psychic Healing/Sister Circle
- Cheshire Safe Sex, Sex issues
- Djenaba Dance & Movement
- Dr. Dennis Chernin Chakras
- Carol L. Callen Chinese Medicine, Massage
- Sheri Winston Women's Sexuality, Safe Sex
- Linda Clemons Middle Eastern Dance
- Ray Tomlin Psionics
- Joshua Johnson Breathwork
- Barbara Fisher Eating Spiritually
- Rev. Ursula Carrie The Joys of Wild Weeds and Herbs
- Rosa Castro Reiki & Chakra Explorations
- Cleveland Aikikai Aikido Basics
- Sirona Gibson and Ingrid Eyen-Breitbach Power of Dance
- Anomie (Mary Jo Smiley) Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

As always, unavoidable speaker cancellations are, er, unavoidable. Check back often. 6/28/02