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Starwood Festival XXIII 22-27 July 2003 - Sherman, NY

Community -> Child Care/Kids Village

We are happy again to see the families who have enjoyed our events in the past and hope that the families new to Starwood will feel as at home here as the rest of us. Feel free to ask our staff questions and offer suggestions to improve our program.

As in years previous, we're planning a full and growing schedule of fun for our young people. We're adding new and stimulating programming to our already diverse and interactive daily schedule with arts and crafts, informative classes, rituals, and a community wide parade.

If you are using the Child Care Co-op/Kid Village, you must volunteer your time in that area. There will be a place on your child's registration form to note when you will be volunteering.

Read Me...

Most parents are great, but past problems force us to include this section. We offer safe play areas and kids programming, but the festival at large isn't your baby-sitter. Kids are monitored only at kids' activities and Kids' Swim; you must watch your kids at all other times. Parents who don't behave responsibly face expulsion. Know your kids' whereabouts, retrieve them from Child Care at scheduled times, and please assist in the kid-specific areas. The pool is the only supervised swimming area! Please Read the Rules...

Starwood Parade

Once again we will lead the children through our magical village. Dress the kids up or just let them be creative and surprise you with a costume. Some of the workshops during the week will help the children create costume parts. Join your children for this fun filled event and stop back at kid village for cookies afterwards.

Be Considerate

Although some snacks and juice are provided at Kid Village and Child Care (contributions are welcome), meals are not! Be considerate of both your child and the staff: Feed your children lunch, and send older children with a beverage - playing in the sun is thirsty work. Kids should have underwear or diapers and shoes/sandals: no naked children, for their safety and health (especially in the sand). Be sure to leave any special supplies (like diapers) with the day boss/volunteers. When you register your child, inform us of any special need or allergies we need to be aware of.

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