the Starwood Festival | July 20-25, 2004
                America's Favorite Magical Event | Sherman, NY

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Registration Information

Registration Deadline Extended! July 3rd.

Welcome to Starwood Festival Registration.
Pre Registration before June 27, 2004 is $160.00. At-the-door price is $210.00. ACE members as always receive a discount. There is an extra $20 fee for parking your vehicle in a camping area (payable and at the discretion of the site owners) and extra fees for merchants (and additional requirements).

No individual workshop, one day rates, or pro rated fees are available, it's all or nothing baby!

No mail in registrations are allowed after June 27, 2004 (as in "postmarked by"). Registration is available at the door, but will be CASH ONLY (and we do enforce that).

Print out and mail in our FORM (or call and register by phone).


A single space up to 20'x10' will cost $100.00. Additional blocks of 20'x10' space will cost $80.00 each. Spaces are first come first served, non-reservable. All merchants must be paid attendees of the Starwood Festival in addition to having paid for their merchant space and display their Starwood merchant license plainly at all times.

Merchants are required to affix a fire extinguisher to the front of their booth so that it is accessible to anyone in case of an emergency.
(This is a requirement for anyone setting up a merchant site at Brushwood.)

Brushwood recommends that all merchants protect themselves by acquiring liability insurance (to equal or exceed the value of stock, equipment and all gear) and a New York State Sales Tax Number. On-line Permitting and Licensing is available. State of New York Tax information is available from the NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance. Download Form DTF-17 - NAICS Codes are available from Publication 910. Need Instructions for Form DTF-17? Insurance should be acquired from your local agent.

Please refer to Brushwoods own website if you are confused about permitting and insurance, contact them if you have any questions about these subjects. You should use our links for permitting and to New York State Tax Dept. (quicker).

In addition, electric may be as high as $15.00/day and there are absolutely no guarantees.

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