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Here's the performance schedule as it now stands (subject to additions, juggling and shuffling):

Tuesday July 24th

Evening: Leo Starwind and Incus

Wednesday July 25th

Lunchtime: Kids Concert with Cats on Holiday
Evening: Cats on Holiday and Raquy & the Cavemen
Midnight Ritual: ADF Celtic Spirituality

Thursday July 26th

Lunchtime: Coyote Grace
Evening: Bardic Concert with MC Kenny Klein
Midnight Ritual: Alchemical Fire Circle

Friday July 27th

Lunchtime: LochErie
Evening: Lehto & Wright and Telesma
Late Night: Pyroglyphics
Midnight Ritual: To Be Announced

Saturday July 28th

Lunchtime: Revelry
Evening: Imani & Rhythm Shamen and Cyro Baptista & Beat the Donkey

The Bonfire

and more to be announced...

Back by popular demand...

Waking Dream

Waking Dream is live interactive performance art. They present works of dance, theater, puppetry, pyrotechnics and music at festivals, theaters, and special events. Their work is intended to invoke the imagination and encourage participation in the creative process, in both performance and production. They create primarily spectacle-based performance art with audience interactive components. Waking Dream performances are magical, unexpected, inspiring wonder. Waking Dream will be staging performance events throughout the festival and encouraging volunteers to help create and perform. Come visit their camp for information on when, where, and how.

Pyrosonic Island Show - Pyroglyphics

Pyroglyphics is the latest offering from Pyrosonic combining fire performance, fire sculpture, projections and lighting effects with original ambient electronic whirled music by Ron Slabe. The Pyrosonic crew includes: firedancers too numerous to mention (or remember their names), Starburner (you build it,we'll burn it), Waking Dream (for PyroPuppets and spinning flaming things), and Jason and Leslie (Without whom this show would have stopped happening years ago). This spectacle is dedicated to YOU in thanks for your years of standing in the cold, damp, N.Y. night and successfully ducking the occasional errant fireball.

Bardic Stage

The Starwood Bardic Stage is a great way to show off your talent. If you play an instrument or can sing a song, we'd love to have you perform. Play, sing, or just come to be part of the audience. After the Bardic Stage be sure to join in the Midnight campwide OM...

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