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Here's the performance schedule as it now stands (subject to additions, juggling and shuffling):

Tuesday July 22nd

Evening: Leo Starwind and the Raft

Wednesday July 23rd

Lunchtime: Michael Bettine's Gong Bath
Evening: Katrin and The Buddhahood
Midnight Ritual: A Rite for The Mathair Talamh the Mother of the Land

Thursday July 24th

Lunchtime: Hymn For Her
Evening: Starwood Bardic Stage
Midnight Ritual: Coming Om and The Chocolate Ritual
Late Night: Rumble of the Dead

Friday July 25th

Lunchtime: The One Hat Band
Evening: Stephen Kent and Maggie, Pierce and EJ
Midnight Ritual: The Dionysus Ritual
Late Night: Pyrosonic - Global Warming

Saturday July 26th

Lunchtime: The Sultans of Bing
Evening: Jim Donovan & Drum the Ecstatic International, Telesma

The Bonfire

and more to be announced...

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