Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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As Starwood

continues to grow both Brushwood and ACE staff are pressed by the large amounts of trash generated by our loving community. Please note the centers for trash disposal located conveniently all around the Brushwood site and follow the guidelines. Please, we all need to work together.


your containers as a courtesy to those who live by the (recycling) drop off sites and those who collect your trash.


can be recycled here in Sherman are: Cans & Glass & Plastic. Take all recyclable items to the centers (which have several barrels which are clearly marked as to what should go into them). Follow these signs as recycling opportunities in Sherman are different than where you live.

Please BURN

anything and everything you can. You will notice several campfires distributed liberally around Brushwood that can be used to burn things like paper, cardboard, and food scraps. This will cut the amount of things going into the landfill by about half!!!


so there are some things that just don't fit into any of the above mentioned categories like plastic wrappings and bottle tops, maybe diapers etc. These are things that should go into the barrels labeled TRASH. Lets see how little we can commit in this category since last year 12 tons (yikes) of trash was picked up during and just after Starwood Festival.


These are items that contained fuel and comprise the likes of lighters, propane cylinders and anything that contained fuel. Please place in appropriate containers and NEVER PLACE IN A FIRE!! Do not place these in the "trash" barrels use the box labeled BOMBS.


This is essential. Your little bit of stuff may not look like much but multiply it by 1000 and get the picture. Work crews pickup stuff at the drop off points everyday and you should give them something to look forward to be doing! And if any one has seen Brushwood the day after Starwood you'd know what a deluge the recycling situation is!!


your dishes by getting water, take it back to your site, wash, and throw the 'gray' (dirty) water no closer that 50' from a lake or stream, or your neighbor for that matter. Do not wash dishes at the spigots or sinks!
Be Courteous!

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