presents the 2002 starwood festival - july 23-28, 2002 - brushwood folklore center

Starwoodians love their nightly fires and their all night drumming and dancing! Most popular and populous, is the Roundhouse - truly the center of starwood.alt.nightlife. Such joy and merriment comes with responsibility however, so please take a look at the guidelines the woodbusters have prepared...

There are other fires to visit and drum and dance at besides the Roundhouse, most notably:

  • Conga Alert! Tuesday Night, at the Didge Dome, from 9PM until 3AM
  • Wednesday and Thursday Night, near Workshop Site "C", Middle Eastern Drumming with Rafael and Friends for the Sacred Dancers Guild
  • Drum and Dance or Trance circles after the midnight rituals
  • Your campsite drum circle (please check out the fire guidelines)

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