the Starwood Festival | July 20-25, 2004
                America's Favorite Magical Event | Sherman, NY

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Energy, Ecstasy and Enjoyment

As usual, Starwood is veritably stuffed with dynamic, diverse World Music featuring headliners Cyro Baptista and Beat the Donkey on Saturday Night. Rounding out our typical world tour of styles and talent are Felonious Bosch (formerly Boiled in Lead) and incumbents Janah and the Bardic Bardo's and more...

Here's a little to whet your appetite, come sate yourself at Starwood.


Tuesday Night
Bardic Bardo's
Wednesday Lunch
Owain Phyffe
Wednesday Night
Janah, with opener RAQ
Thursday Lunch
Jim Volk
Thursday Night
Bardic Circle (hosted by Jim Volk)
Friday Lunch
Friday Night
Felonious Bosch, with openers Awen & Revelry
Saturday Lunch
Asha Nan
Saturday Night
Cyro Baptista and Beat the Donkey, with opener Badal Roy


Rising from the Earth like Gaia's glowing nipplle, the Pufferdome is our unique late night club and performance space. Set back from the rest of the Festival, the Pufferdome is it's own little world of sound and light.

In addition to our Main Stage, Starwoodites enjoy late night Pufferdome Concerts. This year we welcome DJ's Visitor and Scotty Paluzza serving up deep house and Techno on Wednesday, Pagan fest fav's Archedream Blacklight Theatre on Thursday Night and Tribal Goth Incus on Friday Night. Grab your gear kiddies and take the plunge.


Friday Night late. 'Nuff Said.

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