the Starwood Festival | July 20-25, 2004
                America's Favorite Magical Event | Sherman, NY

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Wednesday Night

Scotty Paluza: From disco Dead to deep space to funky breaks to low bass, Scotty's keen ear for music and ability to get personal with any crowd enable him to rock the house every time.
Scotty’s calling was Born on August 12, 1995, 3 days after the death of Jerry Garcia, “my buddies (Lemmy, Andy, Electric Zoo, Aaron Austin, Doug S and myself) had a party” called "the Jungle Road party". It was a way of celebrating the life of Jerry Garcia and also mourning his death. People turned out by the hundreds and we were blown away by the support. "Jerry, this is all we could do and more! I'm proud to have known your music.” Every emotion went thru my body and mind at once. It was amazing. I knew what to do, throw another party to carry on the culture my friends.
Visitor has been composing, performing, producing and mixing psychedelic dance music since the time of acid house and early rave culture. Simultaneously mixing live instruments with DJ gear and electronic tweak boxes, Visitor bridges the gap between the DJ and the original live musician. The result is a perverted soundtrack laced with funky disco, robotic electro, 80s new wave, dreamy synthpop, psychedelic rock, fierce techno and much more blended together for stellar pleasure.
Visitor has performed for aroused audiences all over the continent. The dance floor is Visitor's dungeon and music is His whip. <crack>

Thursday Night

ArcheDream: A blacklight dance and multimedia experience. ArcheDream presents original, multi-media allegorical shows in blacklight, masks, and vivid costumes, addressing contemporary issues with accessible and astonishing theater. The Shaman presents visions of the Universe, the world and Humankind. Dancers costume designers, multimedia projectionists and DJs unite to assist the Shaman.
ArcheDream includes: Alan Bell – born in South Africa in 1945. Allan taught at the Johannesburg College of Art, specializing in the history of art and painting. To elude conscription he went into exile in Amersterdam where he lived until 1998 when he moved to Ithaca, NY. In March of 2000 he met Glenn Weikert and began the current direction of Dream Theatre;
Glenn Weikert – A Harrisburg born multimedia artist, dancer, and DJ, Glenn holds degrees in Communications and Science from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Harrisburg Area Community College and Schiller International University in Germany;
Thadeus Frazer-Reed is a composer and multimedia artist. He studied double bass at Eastman School of Music and composition at The University of the Arts under the tutelage of classical composer Andrew Rudin. His specialties include interactive MIDI technology, 3D animation, stage and lighting;
Dustin Cook holds degrees in Liberal Arts and Audio Engineering. A professional DJ, Dustin has also logged significant hours as an assistant engineer at major post-production and recording studios in New York.

Friday Night

Incus is a six piece Boston based band, founded by frontman Jason Cohen and ex-bassist, Steve Bird. Instruments include keys, tribal and orchestral percussion, bass and cello, augmented by ethereal female vocals. {Most notable perhaps, is the exclusion of any guitars from their lineup.}With their use of dynamics and unusual instrumentation, Incus produces a hypnotic, tribal, and dark sound, which is heavy on the low-end, yet still manages to be uplifting and danceable. Their unique musical style has been described alternately as tribal goth, and darkworld.

Main Stage
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