the Starwood Festival | July 20-25, 2004
                America's Favorite Magical Event | Sherman, NY

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Brushwood Folklore Center, our festival site, is 180 acres of majestic woodlands and rolling meadows, with a large pond and center island. This amazing site keeps growing and changing! In addition to the beautiful pool pavilion with its spacious hot tub and hot showers, Downtown Brushwood now includes merchants galore, a 12 hour food court, a mini hardware store and other structures. Additional hot showers and flush toilets at the Bath House add to our comfort.


This is a semi-developed camping facility (no RV hook-ups). Sorry, NO DOGS allowed at Starwood. Bring safe lighting sources and grills or campstoves if you plan to cook.

Don't leave candles, grills, etc. unattended. Firepits are OK, but must be filled in before leaving. NO fires in the woods without prior permission from Brushwood.

There are many wooded areas for shady camping, but the windy field requires sturdy camping equipment. Leave the cheap dining flies and thin aluminum poles at home, they will get destroyed quickly...

What to Bring

For many, this list could be endless. For others, a blanket, drum and some granola will suffice. Most of us fall in the middle somewhere. For a well thought out list of "things", check out the following websites:
- Thanks Rilla!

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