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 Winterstar 2003 - A Feast for the Senses
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Wavy Gravy, the magical Court Jester of the Counter Culture, still quests to make "doing good" fashionable in the 90's. In the words of Ram Dass, "This wise clown of compassion is a genuine mahatma of the Cosmic Giggle." He has an uncanny ability to connect with people, and he has combined clowning and service into fine art. Founding father of the still-thriving Hog Farm Commune, one of the stars of the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, Merry Prankster, he's master of ceremonies everywhere - including Woodstock I and II, where he ended up running the medical tent. He went to a Children's Hospital every day for seven years, cheering up terminally ill children.
Now Wavy organizes FUNdraisers for the visionary SEVA foundation, which is dedicated to ending preventable blindness and other good works. He is founder and director of Camp Winnarainbow, author of Something Good For A Change, and mastermind of the "Nobody for President" campaign. Comic satirist Paul Krassner calls Wavy Gravy "the illegitimate son of Harpo Marx and Mother Teresa".

Halim El-Dabh is a Professor Emeritus of African Ethno-Musicology from Kent State University. He has travelled the world on projects by such organizations as the Smithsonian Institute, studying and participating in the life and music of tribal cultures. He is an experienced drummer and performer on a wide variety of authentic African musical instruments and on keyboard. He was a soloist with Leopold Stokowsky,
and he’s the composer of the music for Martha Graham’s Clymenestra, Nuriev and Margo Fontayne’s The Fallen Angel Lucifer, Nile Festival Music, Ramses the Great Symphony, Lament of the Pharoh, and the sound-light show for the Pyramid of Egypt. His production Opera Flies was part of the 25th Anniversary memorial program for the Kent State shooting. A pioneer in the field of electronic music, he has a new CD entitled Crossing Into the Electric Magnetic. Halim now works with both the Ohio Arts Council and Cleveland Public Theatre.

Ian Corrigan is a Chameleon, ACE organizer, and has been a teacher, writer, singer and ritualist in the Pagan movement for over 25 years. Ian is a former Archdruid and Director of ADF, and is presently it’s national Preceptor. A founding member and Elder of Stone Creed Grove, ADF’s oldest congregation, he is author of four books on Celtic Paganism: The Portal Book, The Book of the Dragon, Grammary, and Druidheachd: Rites and Symbols of Druidry. One of the finest bards of the modern Pagan movement, Ian has been writing and performing songs of the British Isles and Neo-Paganism for over 25 years, and his music and poetry have delighted audiences at A.C.E. events and Pagan festivals across the U.S.A. and Canada.

Megan Harding R.Y.T. is a certified yoga instructor who has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 15 years.She received her training at Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, Mass.,and currently teaches at the Kent Yoga Center.

Walter Eugene Grodzik BA, MA, MFA, PhD (ABD). Walter is a Fulbright Scholar who has lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe. He is currently Professor of Expressive Arts at the interdisciplinary, experimental Evergreen State College, in Olympia, Washington. Wine has been Walter’s avocation for the past ten years. He has toured the wineries of California, Oregon, Washington State, British Columbia, Peru, and Nova Scotia. A friend to many a wine steward, restaurateur, and wine store owner, Walter has attended all too many wine tastings and frequently shares bottles of exceptional value and/or vintage with friends and family.

Awen (a welsh word meaning ‘poetic inspiration’) are Ian Corrigan and Sue Parker, from greater Cleveland, Ohio. Awen’s music draws on the traditions of British and Irish folk song and storytelling, as well as the traditions of Neopagan spirituality. Ballads and storysongs mingle with seashanties and countryside tunes, and the occasional original song that harks back to Pagan times. Rollicking guitar rhythms combine with dynamic vocal harmonies to produce a powerful sound that will captivate and delight any audience.

Einstein’s Stardust Outlaws is a Cleveland based ensemble capable of everything from sonic soundscaping to tribal world-beat to balls-out rock&roll, and has developed a strong reputation among Pagan gatherings, psychedelic happenings, space-rock festivals and big city rock clubs alike. ESO brings a treasure trove of musical styles to their dynamically theatrical stageshows. LetX=X.

Chas Smith holds a Master's Degree in Music from Cleveland State University, where his class "Roots of Rock, Soul and American Pop Culture” is the largest-attendance class offered (over 300 per semester), and he's the author of the textbook From Woodstock to the Moon: The Cultural Evolution of Rock Music. His studies focus on composition, ethnomusic and electro-acoustics, and he's been an avid proponent of alternative ideas in music therapy. He directs and plays keyboards and bass for Einstein's Secret Orchestra and Cobra Verde, and has programmed ESO Radio at WCSB 89.3 FM ( in Cleveland since 1987.

Nema has been practicing and writing about Magick for twenty-five years, with articles in The Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick, Aeon Magazine, Starfire, and other publications. From her experiences with Thelemic Magick, she developed Maat Magick and it's aim of transforming the human race, and is the author of Maat Magick: a Guide to Self-Initiation, and The Way of Mystery: Magick, Mysticism, and Self-Transcendence. She is an Elder (former HPS) of the Circle of the Sacred Grove, Church of Pantheist Wicca, and a former member of the Typhonian OTO.

Rev. Ivan Stang co-sub-founded The SubGenius Foundation in 1980, and has authored 4 books about The Church of the SubGenius and fringe beliefs, including The Book of the SubGenius and Revelation X. Since 1985 he has produced the syndicated “Hour of Slack” radio show, and has preached the word of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs at hundreds of stage shows. The Church of the SubGenius carved out a niche for itself on the Internet, where Stang now resides

Penny Goody has been an initiated member of the Sacred Dance Guild since 1968. Following the teaching of Shehera, Gabrielle Roth, Aiyja, and Suzanna Del Vecchio, she has devoted many years to the art of Dance Oriental (belly dancing). Born of Amish parents, her hexerie traditions of the Old Ways counterbalance New Age insights. A student of Stephen Gaskin's Monday night classes in the late 1960's, she studied with Samuel Lewis, learning the Sufi traditions of enlightenment through movement. A presenter/coordinator of Kids' Village at Starwood, she encourages children to explore their own magical ways. She is an
adherent of the Church and School of Wicca, and received her Doctorate of Divinity degree in 1990. Now going into its twelfth year, Penny is Goodwife Goody Goody at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, teaching ribbon dancing and selling her magical crafts.

Joseph Rothenberg, R.N. is a Registered Nurse, an Ohio licensed professional counselor, and a bio-feedback technician. He holds degrees in Psychology and Political Science from Case Western Reserve University. A Co-Director and founder of ACE (and the Chameleon Club), Joseph has studied and presented workshops for over 17 years. (The panel discussion The Self in Transformation, with Joseph Rothenberg, is available from ACE.)

Mary Jo Smiley (AKA Anomie) is a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist who has been practicing this modality for over two years. A longtime friend of ACE and the Chameleon Club, she was introduced to Myotherapy in 1985 and, after years of informal study and exploration, obtained formal training and certification at The Acadamy for Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy in Pittsburgh, PA.

Liafal, M. Ed, is a Chameleon, an ACE organizer, and a founder and former Senior Druid of Stone Creed Grove. She is a professional educator and a Priestess of the Traditional Craft, current Vice Archdruid for ADF, a past officer of the Ohio local Covenant of the Goddess, and has been a major motivating force behind the Starwood Festival Kids Programming for many years. A talented singer, she performs with Ian Corrigan in the group Awen.

Deborah Zurilla has been a Chameleon and A.C.E. organizer since the mid 1980's. She has studied Yoga, Meditation, Magic, and Natural Health. In1994 she began attending seminars and classes on Natural Health and Healing. Recently, Deborah left her position as assistant store manager/buyer for a world renowned museum in Cleveland, Ohio to pursue an educational and business venture in Natural Health Products.

Revelry is something acoustically different; think Indigo Girls with Magickal ’tude! This all - Chameleon trio features Victoria Ganger’s multi-genre originals backed by the sensuous harmonies of Lisa Lefkort and Mary Alice Tummonds. From evocative ballads to humorous tangos and all points in between, Revelry draws it’s own unique connection between ancient tradition and today’s spirit.

Ron Slabe has been making electronic music since the late seventies, and has been creating and participating in performance art almost as long. His work has been featured at the Cleveland Performance Art Festival and at Cleveland Public Theatre, the Psychedelicatessen, and small and large venues around Northeast Ohio. He has performed regularly at ACE events since 1986 beginning with the first MusicStar Festival, and he has been the primary performer and mastermind of the StarWood Island Multi-Media Show since 1991.

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