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Winterstar 23

February 23-26, 2006 | Atwood Lake Resort

Sects & Sex

Sexual & Spiritual (r)evolutionaries are in danger
of becoming the scapegoats of a new inquisition in a culture that is increasingly repressive. A fact that may be obscured by being wrapped in red, white and blue bunting and religious platitudes...

Three days of seminars for personal enlightenment, multicultural rituals for spiritual renewal, and damn fine parties for your thorough enjoyment, all in a luxurious, warm and friendly social environment.

Raised in the craft, 2nd generation Pagan clergy Lasara Firefox was ordained by the Church of All Worlds in 1989. Her recently published book Sexy Witch has been opening minds and creating controversy. Lasara will facilitate Flirting, Gender Bending, and a traditional CAW Water Sharing.

Sharing the ecstacy of devotion with others, Snakes Rising evokes hot, sultry nights with their Eastern dance, rhythms and chanting. Celebrate Mahashivaratri with us and experience the passion of Shiva for his Beloved Parvati.

A former First Lady of Ohio, Rev. Dagmar Braun Celeste is one of a handful of excommunicated, ordained Catholic Priestesses. She helped found the first battered Womens shelter in Ohio, and will speak on her experiences with women in the justice system.

A scholar of queer and transgendered spiritual history, Garan Du is Co-founder of The Green Faerie Grove and organizes The Between the Worlds Gathering.

Initiated tantric Donald Michael Kraig, author of Modern Sex Magick: Secrets of Erotic Spirituality, Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts, and Tarot & Magic explores the intersection of geometry, chakras, kabbalah and modern sex magic.

Erase personal boundaries with Sheri Winston, a teacher of Womancraft, Wholistic Sexuality and a healer, counselor and educator. Her playshops explore loving, intimate relationships and truly mindblowing sex!

Celebratory and inspiring, the Niagara Voodoo tradition was carried North via the Underground Railroad to its end point in Canada. It is a rich tapestry of Voodoo, Santeria, and the tribal traditions of the Yoruba and Dahomey where these spirits originated.

First Primate of the Church of the SubGenius, the Rev. Ivan Stang is the founder of the Sub-Genius Foundation. He will reveal “The Secret Mystick School of Temper Tantra” and the especially secret “Doctrine of Sexhurt” which should probably be kept secret, but he’s determined that this knowlege must fall into the wrong hands.

In addition to Future Ritual, Phil Farber has published in the Journal of Hypnotism, Mondo 2000, and other cutting edge publications. Phil turns us on to the Group Mind, and Gods, Demons,
and Imaginary friends - practical ways to play and learn from less corporeal colleagues.

Representing Ohio NOW at Winterstar 23 is Suzette Henderson. Activist, artist, and poet, she discusses how the separation of spirit from matter in the West has led to the second class status of women.

An initate of the Minoan Brotherhood, Ea is a Co-founder of the OAV, a Thelemic magical order for Gay and Bi Men. Frater Ea will talk about polarity in magical ritual and GLBT’s as guides to the Underworld.

Using machines to explore spiritual and ASC’s, Joseph Rothenberg BA,RN provides hands on experience with The Journey to Wild Divine, a biofeedback mediated initatory experience disguised as a video game (or vice versa) as well as light/sound guided meditation.

Expand the Frontiers of your Consideration.

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