What is the Starwood Festival?

The Starwood Festival is the largest Pagan/Magickal/Consciousness Gathering in North America (and maybe even the world). General information about the Starwood Festival is available at www.starwoodfestival.com, or see the overview for Starwood 2005.

When is the Starwood Festival?

Starwood has been held every year since 1981 near the third weekend of July. The usual reckoning of its occurence coincides with the Rising of the Dog Star Sirius over the Nile Delta, or the 23rd of July. The date span from Tuesday through Sunday that contains the 23rd of July will be the dates for Starwood. In 2005 it will be July 19 - 24. Mark those calendars!

Where is the Starwood Festival?

Previously held in various locations through Ohio and Western PA and NY, Starwood is currently held near Lake Chautaqua, New York, in the town of Sherman. It is approximately 30 minutes SouthEast of Erie, PA and an hour SouthWest of Buffalo, NY.

Information about the campground, the Brushwood Folklore Center, is available from www.brushwood.com.

Who runs the Starwood Festival?

Starwood is run by the Chameleon Club and by the Association for Consciousness Exploration (ACE). More information about ACE is available at: www.rosencomet.com/about.html.

How much is the Starwood Festival?

The pre-registration cost for the 25th Annual Starwood Festival is $165 if postmarked by June 30, 2005, and $200 "at the door". This price could be different for you if you are an ACE member, a merchant or both. Please see the registration page for more information.

Can I bring my kids/dogs/cats/aardvarks to the Starwood Festival?

Children of all ages are welcome, but those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Parents (or Guardians) are responsible for their children at all times. We facilitate a fairly comprehensive kids & childrens program and ask that you participate actively in it.

No pets are permitted at Starwood.

What do I need to bring for the Starwood Festival?

For many, this list could be endless. For others, a blanket, drum and some granola will suffice. Most of us fall in the middle somewhere. For a well thought out list of "things", check out the following websites:

What if there is a medical emergency?

First Aid Supplies are always available at the Safety Shack, a small building near the Pool House. In case of a medical emergency, contact FirstAid at the Safety Shack or an A.C.E. or Brushwood Staff member immediately! Do not move anyone who is unconscious or has fallen! Wait for staff. Licensed physicians are at the nearby local hospital.


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