Midnight Dance Party

Welcome to the Time Machine

As a special treat in honor of Starwood's 25th anniversary, Starburner is proud to bring you TIME MACHINE. Located in the back field (where the PufferDome used to be), Time Machine is a four night Dance Party ride through time. Each night The Time Machine will travel to a different era of dance music. In addition to the music, the sets will differ each night to provide something for every taste and style of dance. Time Machine will transport you through time each night Tuesday through Friday midnight until 4:30am.

Tuesday Night

Visit, (or revisit) the 70s. Featuring Disco and groovy hits of The 70s. A little Studio 54 in the woods of Starwood. Remember, it's all about you.

Wednesday Night

Travel back in Time to the Tribal roots of Dance. Deep rhythms and organic textures of sound will take you back to the beginning of time. Drums and Didgeridoo are most welcome (if you can keep up with the rhythm)

Thursday Night

Go Back to The Future to The 1980s. Featuring all the music of the 80s you won't admit you like (but will be seen dancing to anyway). Please, no mopeds or big hair...

Friday Night

Prepare to venture into The Future with the cutting edge in the global vibrations of Electronic Music and also take a ride on Visitor's spacecraft.

Music by DJ Visitor:

As a composer, performer, producer, remixer, and interstellar weirdo wrapped into one, Visitor is a psychedelic orchestra and an excursion into perversion. Mixing a combination of live instruments, electronic tweak boxes and DJ gear, the Visitor Experience is a full out audio invasion. Expect to hear the sounds of acid, electro, trance, new wave, nasty funk, trip-hop, breakbeats, disco, acid jazz, 60s psychedelia, freak techno, and much more tweaked, blended, combined, and flogged for the pleasure of body & mind and dancefloor mayhem. http://djvisitor.com/


Fire Art and Music by Starburner

Host and head Pyrotechnist of Burning Star, and this year assisting Ron Slabe on The Island Show. Creator of Time Machine and The Castle beyond The Goblin City, Starburner will rock your world spinning all the music no other DJ would dare play. An 8' high 24' wide set created for The Island Show will be used as a stage for the puppet show and and Tuesday and Wedensday night's Time Machine before being moved out to the island and back lit Thursday Night and featured in Friday night's Island Pyrotechnic Show.


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