Shawn Miller

Shawn is the digital content director for the Association for Consciousness Exploration and a member of the Chameleon Club. Besides his ever increasing responsibilities in relationship management, program development and administration of the Starwood Festival, Shawn is a lapsed ordained Lay Priest in Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship, a 4 year Senior Druid Emeritus and eldest member of StoneCreed Grove ADF, a 3 time Past Master of Heights Lionheart Lodge 633 F&AM, a lineage holder in the Tantric International Order of Naths and holds a graduate certificate in Non-Profit Management from Case Western Reserve University.

Shawn enjoys gadgets, gardening and Scandinavian, Bollywood and Hindi-pop music. He's discovered a new fondness for French Cooking which he prepares for his wife, Christine, whom he shares a house and 3 personable cats with.


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